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In Memory of Andy

I met Andy at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary's massive vegan Thanksgiving potluck. I helped Carolyn, my friend and a caregiver at the sanctuary, tuck him into bed that night with his adopted grandma sheep Sammie, with whom he snuggled each night in their special needs stall. Carolyn painstakingly made sure his bed of soft straw fully supported him and kept him cozy.

When I was able to visit again the following week, Andy and I got a chance to hang out more, lounging together in the grass and sunshine near the main house. Trooping around in his cart, he would make sure no treats were in the offering before heading out to graze nearby. When it was time to move to the next spot during sanctuary chores, Andy always rode in the front seat so he could securely see where they were headed. Carolyn told me Andy looked forward to those rides. It was obvious to me how beloved this boyo was to his sanctuary family, and my heart goes out to them all during this challenging time. You can see the beautiful tribute Poplar Spring made to their special boy here on their Facebook page, including a beautiful photo of Andy with Sammie.


Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, Poolesville, Maryland

An iconic figure at Poplar Spring, Andy’s story might have ended tragically except for an act of kindness. Purchased by a horse farm to be lamb barbecue at an event, tiny Andy developed an infection; he was left to die untreated in a cardboard box, but a boarder at the facility found him and brought him to Poplar. The infection left him unable to bend his back legs, but after his treatment Poplar secured a cart for him. Andy was often seen rolling around, accompanying caregivers on rounds, the center of attention to adoring visitors, or just enjoying sunshine and the company of other sanctuary residents. His affable personality and perseverance despite his physical differences made him an inspiration to many during his time at Polar Spring.