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My photography currently focuses on formerly farmed animals living at sanctuaries. These rescued residents communicate for the many billions of beings killed for their flesh and products every year who are not allowed to be known as the individuals they were. My hope is that these portraits will convey the residents’ beauty, whimsy, and nobility, and offer glimpses into their fascinating and rich lives.

2018 found my sanctuary total reaching 85 locations visited, volunteering the sweat of my brow, but also the power of my camera lens. It may be cliche to say a photo speaks a thousand words, but since my farmed animals friends speak in ways that the majority of the human populace does not easily understand, I find that these images can be another medium to bring awareness, to spread the stories of the residents, and to encourage people to connect to sanctuaries.

Your support in spreading the individuals' stories and my art, whether by purchasing prints, donations, or sharing the images and linking to the Project, are greatly appreciated. If you want to contribute directly to this journey you can click on the "support" button to make a one-time donation, or follow the "Patreon" button to become a sustaining monthly patron. Thank you for your support!

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Panda Bob, Animal Place, Grass Valley, California

Panda Bob, Animal Place, Grass Valley, California