About the Photographer

Cameron O'Steen is a photographer and yogi with more than eight years of farmed animal caregiving experience which has enabled him to create intimate portraits of formerly farmed animals. Cameron delights in sharing stories of sanctuary residents through these portraits and tales of the more than eighty farm animal sanctuaries he has visited in his travels. He can often be found lying on the ground with chickens or practicing yoga with sheep. 

Artivist member of  The Art of Compassion Project

It was natural and inevitable that when I picked up a camera I would direct it toward the animal friends around me. They have so many stories to tell, so much to share, and a heck of a lot to teach.

When behind my camera lens, traipsing with cattle through fields or investigating soil with chickens, I find moments of calm and connection similar to what can be cultivated on the yoga mat.

Thank you for traveling with me on this journey, and may so much joy find you.