Supporting Sanctuaries

The Yoga Animalia Project supports the work of sanctuaries and shares stories about the residents and their personalities, journeys, and joys. Built into the Project are ways as an artist that I can help the sanctuaries' efforts:

  • A portion of proceeds are donated back to the sanctuaries, usually in the form of art pieces that can be sold in their gift shops or at auctions to further help raise funds.

  • Photos from the Project are made available to the sanctuaries to use in their social media and marketing.

  • In my perambulations to festivals, conferences, and events, I act as a storyteller for the sanctuary residents, spreading their stories and literature for the places represented in hopes of attracting people to visit and connect.

Farmed Animal Sanctuaries Map

Currently represented on this map are American and Canadian farmed animal sanctuaries of which I am familiar. This map will be expanding to include global farmed animal sanctuaries, and I welcome additional information about sanctuaries that may not be included as of yet. Please note that the main criteria for inclusion in this list include a focus on the rescue and refuge of farmed animals used in food production versus animals most often seen as companions or wildlife, education and/or advocacy on their behalf, and the promotion of a vegan lifestyle.