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Stealer of Hearts: Clementine Turkey Struts His Stuff

Clementine, Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Herriman, Utah

Clementine, Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Herriman, Utah

January is the month of Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary and I'll be highlighting many of the amazing individuals I have gotten to know who called the sanctuary near Salt Lake City home. I also have just uploaded brand new photos to the Ching album which you can find here or by clicking on the photo.

Clementine will show you forthwith how awesome he is; enter his area and you will see just how big a character this guy is. Given the chance, he will probably sit in your lap, especially if you happen to be female - he is quite the Lothario of the turkey world, but is not biased in showing his affections only to turkey ladies. When I first met him, he made sure I got every angle of his perfection captured, and this image is still one of my most frequently admired, used by FARM in one of their campaigns, and Clementine wouldn't have it any other way!


Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, Herriman, Utah

Turkey escapes before Thanksgiving are not uncommon, and are cause for joy in the sanctuary world. Clementine was found wandering the streets in Utah before Thanksgiving in 2011, and he was so personable and friendly toward the couple who found him that they assumed he was a beloved pet; however no human companions came forth in their search. Thus Clementine was welcomed to Ching, and he continues to be one of the friendliest of turkey toms, normally a territorial bunch, but Clementine loves human friends and even new visitors, greeting them with his impressive display of vibrant feathers.