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Sanctuary Gathering at Animal Rights National Conference 2017

38 sanctuary humans representing 22 farm animal sanctuaries gathered at the Animal Rights National Conference.

Thirty-eight sanctuary humans representing twenty-two farm animal sanctuaries gathered at the 2017 Animal Rights National Conference to meet in person this past weekend. We also began a conversation about working more closely together as a united sanctuary movement which made my heart burst with joy. Many of these humans I have had the joy of visiting, meeting the individuals for whom they care, and creating portraits of the rescued individuals who reside at the sanctuary. Others I met for the first time, and new travel plans and destinations and connections were formed. To the best of my knowledge, no such gathering has ever happened at the AR Conference, and that so many were able to participate was a monumental achievement. The momentum we began at this simple gathering was couched in love for the sanctuary movement of which we are all a part, and I look forward to that energy continuing to build, grow, expand, and thrive.