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New Year, New Portraits

It is one month into my Winter 2018 at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida. I have been editing, writing, backing up photos, getting to know the Kindred residents a little better, and working with (and learning from) Kindred's on-staff vet, Dr. Dow, including veterinary trips to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary and Rooterville. More new images captured from those visits, and lots of new Kindred photos to come. My current favorite newly edited photo is of young Luna cow from Kindred included below.

Yoga Animalia: Bovine - Luna, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, Ocala, Florida

Yoga Animalia: Bovine - Luna, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, Ocala, Florida

Recently I was thinking about my need to write more: to record more of my travels and experiences at the sanctuaries in addition to sharing the resident's stories. It got me thinking about how intensely grateful I am to be part of the sanctuary world, so much so that the term "sanctuary groupie" popped into my head (and I may have been listening to Lana Del Rey's "Groupie Love" at the time :-). Hence the new name for my blog and missives from my travels.

I intend to be much more diligent about newsletters and blog posts in 2018, because after two and a half years of travel, the stories are starting to get jumbled in my wee brain! I am also committed to sharing sneak peaks and exclusives with my Patreon crew, because their monthly patronage has enabled me to start selecting and editing the massive backlog of sanctuary images - 40,000+ to peruse I estimate, from 74 sanctuaries. You can become a patron for as little as a $1 a month and contribute to the expansion of the Yoga Animalia Project.

I look forward to many more sanctuary groupie stories, and to connecting with you all once again in person at festivals across the US. The early 2018 festivals you can find me at:
Jan 28 Southwest Florida Veg Fest
Feb 17 Gainesville Veg Fest
Mar 3 Northeast Florida Veg Fest
Mar 31 Indy Veg Fest
Apr 7 Nashville Veg Fest
Apr 14 Wilmington Veg Fest
More to come!