Teacher Bio

Cameron O'Steen

As a photographer, writer, and yoga guide, Cameron traverses the visual and verbal and kinesthetic. From behind the lens, with a pen, or through touch and call, he strives to illuminate joy and curiosity, provoke altered perspectives, unravel the dualistic bindings of body and mind, or just make you totally aware of the burning sensation in your core.

On the mat: Prana Flow yoga
As taught by Shiva Rea, Prana Flow Yoga is an energetic, creative movement meditation that explores the dynamic flow of body and breath.  Prana is the life force brought into our being through our breath, and flow is the union of our body-mind with the consciousness behind our immediate experience.  
Behind the Lens
My photography aims to bridge the gap between the experience of asana and the momentary capturing of our yoga; it aims to remove the obstacles preventing us from witnessing the individuality and pure joy of our bodies.
The Path of Guidance

Through the exploration of asanas we start to develop a greater relationship to our breath, our bodies, our mental landscapes, our energetic beings, and ultimately to our own radiance.  It is my goal to act as a guide and ecstatic participant in this amazing mapping of our divine nature.

Mr. Ed & Gomukhasana

Mr. Ed & Gomukhasana