Private Yoga Guidance

Private & small group guidance available

Want to touch your toes?  
Afraid of being upside down?  
Want your core to be in serious upheaval?  
Too anxious to try public yoga classes?
Need a space to relax and recharge?

$75/hour - get a small group together and share the cost, or have me visit your workplace. Please contact me to discuss how we can bring yoga into your life or workplace. 

Class Sequencing
Most classes tend to follow a wave-like pattern, but are designed with your goals in mind.
For non-restorative sequences we begin with an opening meditation to sink into our engagement with Self.  This meditation may be seated or involve flowing forms.  
We progress to namaskars, the salutations to greet not only the sun, but the moon, the heart, and many other facets of our bodily experience.  
Engaging with our core, that most vital aspect of movement instigation and support, comes next.  
Then we flow into asanas and vinyasas designed to cultivate our focus.
We end with counter balancing asanas to the prior work, culminating in savasana, the ultimate pose of rest.

My goal is to help you authentically engage with your yoga mat.

Tyler & Sukhasana

Tyler & Sukhasana